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Children's Health

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Start early…the natural way.

Being a mom herself, Dr. Justyna understands the importance of a child’s health or a parent’s concern when their child is ill. She takes a holistic approach to pediatric medicine and is there to help answer questions and guide you along your journey of parenthood.

Common Topics Discussed

▪ Breast feeding support
▪ Food introduction
Food sensitivity & allergy testing
▪ Nutritional supplementation
▪ Vaccinations & vaccination support
▪ Natural child-friendly first-aid options

Commonly Treated Children’s Health Issues

  • ▪Eczema
  • ▪Diaper rashes
  • ▪Colic
  • ▪Teething
  • Allergies
  • ▪Asthma
  • ▪Digestive issues
  • ▪Reflux
  • ▪Constipation

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