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Bowen Therapy

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Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a gentle form of body work that is performed using subtle moves over muscle, tendons, nerves and connective tissue. It works by sending finely tuned messages to your nervous system that encourage the brain to rewire and restore your body’s balance and proper functioning. Bowen therapy stimulates your parasympathetic (your rest, digest and restore) nervous system, resets your muscle’s resting tension level by activating spindle cells and Golgi tendon bodies and allows the fascia to become more fluid, thus, allowing greater movement of blood and lymph through the tissue enhancing nutrition to,
and waste removal, from the site.Due to its gentle nature, Bowen therapy is completely safe and can be performed on anyone,
from the newborn, to the pregnant and the elderly.
Bowen Therapy is safe for anyone

Bowen therapy can be used to treat a wide spectrum of conditions including:

▪ Back pain and tension
▪ Neck pain and whiplash
▪ Knee pain
▪ Sciatica and pelvic misalignment
▪ Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain
▪ Headaches and migraines
▪ TMJ (jaw) pain
▪ Fertility and conception care
▪ Gynaecological problems including menstrual pain and irregularities
▪ Respiratory problems
▪ Digestive issues and colic
▪ Stress and body tension

In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was experiencing a lot of upper back pain due to the changes to my body and all the computer work that I was doing. After just one Bowen treatment, I got huge relief and could continue focusing on what what important, enjoying my pregnancy.
Thank you Dr. Justyna!

K.S. Vancouver, BC

I am amazed by the healing power of Bowen Therapy. After just one treatment from Dr. Justyna my sacral pain is gone for weeks!

L.N. Surrey, BC

Since I got into a car accident a few years ago, I’ve had issues with my arm being really stiff, achy and numb. I spent a lot of time in physical therapy which provided minor relief. Then I found out about Bowen and my world changed after just one session with you. My range of motion increased and aches and numbness reduced significantly! I’ll be seeing you again.
Thank you Dr. Justyna!

A.S. Vancouver, BC

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